Main Services

Music Production

Having worked on all sorts of songs from various genres, we have great insight into what makes a song "tick". With this insight as well as extensive knowledge of music production techniques, we are able to assist you with whatever you need, whether it be putting the finishing production touches to your song or composing and producing a full backtrack for a vocalist (or anything in between).

Vocal Editing

Vocal Editing and tuning can be a tedious process that many don't have the time for. Let us handle this task for you to ensure a polished, professional sounding vocal that stands up against any chart topping hit. Tuning a vocal is a delicate process that requires precision editing and a keen ear. Let us know your needs and we'll make sure your vocal shines like it was always meant to.

Digital Mastering

Friday Knight is a verified Apple Digital Masters (Previously called Mastered For iTunes) mastering house. Apple Digital Masters is a strict set of mastering guidelines and rules set out by Apple that optimises the audio quality of the master specifically for the iTunes AAC format. We can engineer Apple Digital Masters of your music for you in addition to your normal masters. Once completed, the Apple Digital Masters Files will have to be submitted along with our details to your aggregator for your music to be branded with the Apple Digital Masters badge.

Multi-Track Mixing

This involves cleaning up multi-track productions. Making all the instruments work together, balancing the frequencies so that each element compliments the next, enhancing sounds, adding effects etc. Effectively giving your track that professional, “polished” Sound. Arguably the most important step to having a good final product.

Services Overview

Clean, Clear, Punchy Mixes

The perfect mix for your specific track.

Top Quality Microphones

Come in and do your vocal.

Specilaist Mastering Techniques

Quality Mastering for Radio, iTunes and Physcial Format